“Can we trust other people’s maps? Or should we follow our own paths and find out for ourselves, make our unaided choices? Perhaps the choice is unreal. We have to follow well-worn routes to discover what might be personal. A fresh point of departure.”
— St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, approximately 687 (?) CE.


A Walking Life explores the relationship between walking and our humanity: how it relates to our health, creativity, and communities, how we have lost it through a century of car-centric design, how we can regain it, and more. It delves into the unanswered questions of our lives: Why are we so lonely? How can our technologies better serve us (rather than us serving them)? How does living together build trust?

Covering bipedal walking from our most distant humanoid past to a future increasingly intertwined with technology, A Walking Life​ will be published by Da Capo Press (a division of Hachette) in May 2019.​