Articles & Book Reviews


The Medical Consequences of Foot-binding: How much is society willing to damage women in order to control them?
The Atlantic, February 2020

A Long Walk Can Change Everything: Walking and Mindfulness in Pandemic Quarantine
Forge in Medium, April 2020

Walkability is at the Heart of Human Societies
History News Network, August 2019

Walkable communities need to be our future
The Globe & Mail, May 2019

Designing for disability access in outdoor recreation
High Country News, May 2019

Grizzly Bears Have a Human Problem​
The Atlantic, April 2017​

From Bears to Berries​
High Country News, October 2016

To Foster a Love of Reading, Bring an Animal to the Classroom
Good, August​​ 2015

What if Schools Hired Dogs as Therapists?
Bright on Medium, July 2015

Learning How to Read Needs to Be More Hands-on
Good​, April 2015

B12 Deficiency: Common, Deadly, and Ignored​
Reimagine​, February 2015​

Translating STEM: From Career to Curriculum​
ParentMap, November 2014

Making It All Add Up: Homeschooling Tips for Math
ParentMap, December 2013​​

Book Reviews

Karin Salvalaggio (profile)​
Literary Hub​, May 2016

The Complete Stories​, by Clarice Lispector
The Life Sentence, August 2015

Missoula​, by Jon Krakauer
The Life Sentence, May 2015

The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook​, edited by Kate White
Paste​​, April 2015

This House of Grief​, by Helen Garner
The Life Sentence​, March 2015​